A Taste of Asia: Kampot pepper rules in Cambodian cuisine renaissance

Having tried Sichuan’s chili pepper, now let’s head to Cambodia to check out another sort of pepper, Kampot. It is not only a unique ingredient in Cambodian cuisine, but also says a lot about the country’s history and its culinary revolution. CGTN’s Miro Lu has more from Siem Reap.

“We are trying to show the world the quality of Cambodian products, the fishes the vegetables all the wild things that you can still find in this country and I think it is extremely interesting it is extremely unique.”

“In Cambodia, we have different kinds of herbs and spices that other countries don’t have, so we want to present them.”

“We want to show our food, Khmer cuisine, to the world.”

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what Khmer cuisine is, as it shares many of the same characteristics as neighbouring countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam. But one ingredient that is unique to Cambodia and says a lot about the country’s culinary evolution is Kampot pepper.

KIMSAN POL, EXECUTIVE CHEF EMBASSY RESTAURANT, SIEM REAP “This one we call green Kampot pepper this one is fresh we can cook with any kind of food like seafood.”

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