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$145 per guest is the price to live this unique and very rare experience.

It includes 12-dish set menu and the wine pairing.

The Kimsans’ Lab is a very special place. It is a place where clients can join for dinner, but it’s not a restaurant. It is also a place where chefs cook but it’s not a kitchen.

The Kimsans’ Lab is a hybrid concept, a place where guests are invited to dine, comfortably seated in the middle of the kitchen. Chefs cook in front of the guests, around them and invite them to participate in the show.

Chef Kimsan POL and chef Kimsan SOK wanted a place where they can create without any limit, a place to experience new things, new combinations. They decided to open the Kimsans’ Lab, a pop up culinary venue where 10 lucky guests only can enjoy this experience.

The Kimsans’ Lab’s food is a fine dining style, prepared by the best Siem Reap Chefs. This concept was born from the initiative of the Embassy restaurant’s chefs, the well-known Kimsan POL and Kimsan SOK, called the Kimsan Twins.

The Kimsans’ Lab is a pop-up venue. It will be open only on certain occasions when The Kimsans decide to do so. The first experience of this kind will take place in Siem Reap on the 11th May 2019.

Seats are very limited and only 10 guests would have the chance to test for the first time this new gastronomic culinary venue! Booking is therefore highly


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