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Set Dinner

May 2022 Set Menu

Chargrilled Eggplant With Pork


Chargrilled eggplant with minced pork stuffing in rice cone

Winged Bean Salad With Smoked Fish


Winged bean salad, grilled Kep prawn, crispy morning glory, pound dry smoked river fish

Young Palm Fruit Soup With Beef


Young palm fruit cooked in fresh coconut cream, Khmer lemongrass paste,
tamarind juice, beef roll skewer

Butterfly Pea Flower Refresher


Butterfly pea flower, red Kampot pepper and green lime syrup, sorbet

Sihanoukville Seabass With Cappuccino Sauce


Sihanoukville Seabass, caramelized with palm sugar, coconut palm heart purée,
with a cappuccino sauce

Free-range “chicken nam gnov” wrapped in green cabbage, lime pickle sauce,
turmeric fried rice

Longan Ice Cream Dessert


Longan ice-cream, Orong mango jelly, coconut and sesame crumble

Wine Suggestion for our May Set Menu

Wine Pairing: We offer a wine pairing option (4 glasses) with our gastronomic set menu which is an exclusive selection of wines that have been selected to best match every dish.

Appetizer Suggestion:

 Woodstock , Sauvignon Blanc Semillon , Australia

Second Main Course Suggestion

Manyara , Pinot Noir , Australia

First Main Course Suggestion:

Bandol AOC , Mourvedre, Carignan , France

Dessert Suggestion:

The Wine People, ‘’Dea del Mare’’ Extra Dry , Glera , Veneto Italy


Wine Pairing:      $29.00* / 4 glasses Set       |       $7.50* / 1 glass

*All prices are subject to 10% VAT.