Welcome to Embassy Restaurant

Aug 13, 2017 | News

Welcome to Embassy Restaurant in King’s Road Angkor Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia. We are proud to introduce to you the “Kimsan Twins”, Pol and Sok. They are the creative force behind the Embassy Restaurant and create delicious food for our guests at Embassy Restaurant.

Both Pol and Sok are local legends on the culinary scene in Cambodia and have risen to the top of their industry which is usually dominated by males. Their love for creating delicious food and their extensive experience has taken them all over the world to enter into various events. They have even trained under the guidance of Michelin starred French Chef Regis Marcon, but their heart remains at their home in Cambodia and its unique flavours.

Embassy Restaurant is your gateway to discovering the magnificent and ancient flavours of Angkor and all over the Kingdom of Cambodia. In fact, our restaurant grew out of a desire to share the unique tastes of the Kingdom of Wonder with visitors from all over the world.

Siem Reap now has a restaurant it can be proud of. The Embassy Restaurant truly honours Cambodia and the bountiful fresh produce available. All our dishes are inspired by and use seasonal local ingredients that can be found all over the provinces of Cambodia at different times of the year.

In order to stay season and offer a truly unique experience, the Embassy features an “Active Menu” or a set menu menu which changes each month and reflects the best of the Cambodia’s natural produce all year round.



Seasonal Flavours


Sugar Cane


Cashew Nut, Oyster




Black Pepper, Makprang Fruit




Lotus Seed


Palm Fruit, Corn


Frog, Krosan Fruit, Caraway Leaf


Bamboo Shoot, Yellow Flower




Prahok Fish, Smoked Fish


Rice Harvest